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Presentation of the town hall of Ebone

The Communal Development Plan is a federating and reference framework which allows to bring out the real photograph of the Commune with regard to its achievements, its assets, its needs and its priorities at a precise moment.

A planned development to raise the level of equipment and supervision of the populations ...

The EBONE town hall is a building that displays great looks and clearly shows the great development ambitions of the Municipality. It houses the administrative and technical services essential to fulfill the general mission of local development and improvement of the framework and living conditions of its inhabitants that the Municipality of EBONE has acquired under the laws of decentralization.

The Municipality has many administrative services, including a sub-prefecture, a gendarmerie brigade, a forest post, a police station, an agricultural post, etc. Sectors of administration are managed by institutions at the departmental level. These include, for example, the sectors of public works, water and energy, the environment, urban development and housing, secondary education, culture, employment and vocational training, tourism or even small and medium enterprises.

To fulfill its missions and compensate for the inadequacy of the public service infrastructure that it is familiar with given its relative youth and the inadequacy of the means at its disposal, the Town Hall, through its technical services, has set up '' multiple planning tools, including a municipal development plan (PCD), an annual investment plan (PIA) and a land use plan (POS).

Road infrastructure to improve
The commune of EBONE benefits from the passage of the national road N ° 5. It has over 155.5 km of unpaved road network and 20 km of asphalt roads and numerous crossing structures that facilitate river crossings. Most of the villages are opened up, despite the poor quality of the roads. Many projects of maintenance projects.

Commercial facilities, adapted to rurality
The commune of EBONE already has 07 markets which operate periodically for the most part, being village markets. In the urban centers, the MANENGOLE and NDOUNGUE markets are permanently open.

Education at the center of the greatest concerns of the municipality of EBONE
The EBONE commune's school map is quite extensive, with 23 schools, including 03 nursery schools and 18 primary schools. Some villages are not yet covered. Efforts are being made to expand this school map and improve the quality of supervision of young people.

At the Municipality of EBONE, health is a priority
10 health establishments including a district medical center (CMA), 7 integrated health centers (CSI) and 2 denominational private health centers, including 03 in urban areas and 07 in rural areas. The health centers are divided into 02 areas of EBONE and MANENGOUBA II. 26 nursing staff including 03 doctors, 07 IDE, 04 IB, 08 AS and 04 clerks which in fact represents 739 inhabitants for a single health worker. 114 beds, 06 laboratories, 06 maternities, 05 pharmacies and 08 refrigerators.

This is the health map that the Municipality of EBONE seeks to improve on a daily basis, both qualitatively and quantitatively to provide more relief to populations as part of better health care.



Get familiar with the services provided by our various departments.

The municipal recipe

Ensure the collection of receipts, the security of receipts, the payment of expenses and the keeping of the general accounts of the municipality.

The general secretariat

It ensures the general supervision of the services of the Town Hall.

The economic and financial service

It generally ensures the preparation and implementation of economic budgetary policies.

The hygiene and sanitation service

It ensures the forecasting, organization and implementation of general hygiene and sanitation policies.

The technical and urban planning service

It defines, implements and executes municipal policies in terms of development and management of town planning.

The general affairs department

He coordinates and assists the other services of the Town Hall.