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The MBOKO, Cultural Association of Chiefs of Nlonako, is responsible for the promotion and conservation of the traditions and cultures of the BAKAKA and BALONDO Peoples, 2nd degree chiefdoms.

Let's preserve

our Values

Sawa we are.

The Villages of the Commune are each managed by a Chef approved as a 3rd degree Traditional Chef by the administration. The Chief is assisted by notables who generally represent the families of the chiefdom or else have well-defined hats. The Chief is also surrounded by Special Advisers, people copted for their dedication to the cause of the village or for a specific knowledge or value.

For the performance of his daily missions, and in case of impediment, the Head of the Village is often represented by an agent to whom a certain number of prerogatives have been delegated. There are solid links between chiefdoms, especially within the same canton, the village communities having very close historical, anthropological and socio-cultural links.

The Clan, family in the broadest sense of the term, is the basis of the organization of the BAKAKA and BALONDO society. Each clan is headed by a chief, the oldest person in general, who supervises their own and defends their interests with the chiefdom.

In the villages, many secret traditional brotherhoods exist for the protection of communities, the spiritual guidance of populations and the transmission of ancestral values. There is both the Confraternity of Women and the powerful societies of Male Initiates. The mode of membership and the functioning of these brotherhoods almost always respond to the logic of initiation and to the law of secrecy, silence and solidarity of the members.

The KUNDU BAKAKA, an association for socioeconomic and cultural development, has given itself, among other missions, that of preserving, enhancing and popularizing the culture of Canton BAKAKA. NGUM BILO’ON, Development Committee of the Canton BALONDO, straddled the same hobbyhorse in the Canton Frère, BALONDO. It should be noted that the two Communities have practically the same traditions and worship practices. CODAN, NLONAKO Borough Development Committee, acts as the unifier of the two so-called "indigenous" cultures by associating the culture of recently settled communities with a strong vision of living together. Alongside these umbrella Cultural and Development Associations, there are many other socio-cultural organizations of a village or community nature.