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The commune of EBONE was created by Decree No. 95/082 of April 24, 1995 establishing rural communes. His name EBONE is a Western deformation of the surname EBONO, one of the descendants of the eponymous ancestor NKAASONGO.


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NKAASONGO would have come from the valley of the upper course of the NKAM river (sector called small NKAM / MANDJIBO. EBONO was the little brother of NDONG, from which also comes the name NDOUNGUE. Their father NKAASONGO, occupied the locality which goes from NDOUNGUE to SINGUENDIANG.

The commune of EBONE has an area of ​​approximately 140 km², it extends between 9 ° 51 'and 9 ° 30' East longitude and between 4 ° 57 'and 4 ° 51' North latitude. 'EBONE, capital of the commune of the same name, depends on the canton BAKAKA made up of 20 villages. Together with the BALONDO canton, made up of three (3) villages (NLONAKO-BALONDO, BADJONG AND NYAMSA), it forms all 23 villages of the commune of EBONE.

According to the last general population census, the commune of EBONE had 14,261 inhabitants. To date, with an annual growth rate of 2.80% and the impact of recent installations, the population of the municipality is estimated at 19,864 inhabitants with very irregular density gradients insofar as, while some villages are very sparsely inhabited, the localities of BAKWAT, MANENGOLE, NDOUNGUE, EBONE have fairly high densities.

The populations of the commune of EBONE are cosmopolitan. In addition to the BAKAKA and BALONDO, whose population is old, there is a diversity of newly settled communities (People of the Great Sawa Space, nationals of the Western Highlands, National Communities of the Far North, Ekang Communities, expatriates, communities of English-speaking expression, etc.). The peaceful coexistence of all these communities, social cohesion and living together are one of the peculiarities that make the pride and charm of the Municipality of EBONE.

The economy of the Municipality bears a very strong imprint of rurality, agro-pastoral activity and its related services still occupying the majority of the population. The production of palm oil, plantain tubers, hunting and collecting forest products are important in the Commune. Commerce is also booming, business opportunities are more apparent, demand is on the rise and consumption habits have changed significantly.

On the religious level, the faith in the commune of EBONE is supported by several obediences, namely: the Catholic, Protestant, Muslim religion and Jehovah's Witnesses. However, ancestral worship practices still have pride of place.