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What a vision for the Municipality of Ebonè

Make Nlonako a competitive, attractive, resilient and emerging territory in the coming years! This is the Futuristic Vision that has led the current team to head the Municipality of EBONE, Vision that the Mayor, Mrs. SILIKI Félicité Epse MANON , implemented methodically.

The actions carried out by the Communal Team within the framework of the implementation of the Social Contract signed with the populations are based on Eleven (11) Priority Objectives:
1. Strengthen Living Together, Social Equity and Local Democracy
2. Support through Managerial Innovation, Public Service Efficiency, and more Offensive Territorial Marketing, the Outreach and then the Attractiveness of Nkonako
3. Substantially improve, through the Promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy, Access to Basic Social Services (Health, Education, Security, Training, Leisure, etc.)
4. Support, thanks to the Public-Private Partnership Policy, the Development of Infrastructures (Roads, Structures, Energy, Sanitation, Hydraulics, Housing, Commercial Equipment, Etc.)
5. Promote More and Better Supervise Urban Production (Urban Renovation, Sustainability and Intelligence, Landscaping, Housing Development, Etc.)
6. Ensuring the Viability of Rural Localities through Gentrification Initiatives (Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Structuring Rural Investments, Basic Social Equipment and Services, etc.)
7. Ensure the Emancipation of Women and the Socio-professional Integration of Youth and Other Vulnerable People through concrete actions of Empourvoirisation, Differentiated Support and Empowerment
8. Boost the Local Economy by Promoting Agribusiness, Revitalizing Local Markets, Driving a Diversity of Other Income-Generating Activities to Create Jobs, Wealth and Other Forms of Value
9. Promote the Financial Inclusion of Households, Sensitive Layers and Small Economic Operators through Rural Microfinance and Microinsurance
10. Reorganize the Sporting and Cultural Movement then Revalue the Traditional Local Power
11. Boost Local Tourism, Enhance then Preserve Natural Resources and Ecosystems.

The municipal team is committed to putting itself at the service of all, to take up in a spirit of openness the main development challenges, then to solicit the participation of citizens during the implementation of this social contract.