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A mild climate and a tourist landscape

The climate is mild and peaceful in the commune of Ebone, a climate favored by its mountainous terrain which presents both a beautiful tourist area and very fertile land.

Available land

The commune of Ebonè still has vast land available and ready to host major development projects.

The accessibility of our town

Accessibility is a factor that facilitates the mobility of goods and people. The roads leading to the town are paved and in good condition.

Which advantages does the municipality offer to investors ?

The town of EBONE is located in the MOUNGO department, Littoral region. It is bounded to the north by the district municipality of Nkongsamba 3rd, to the south by the town of LOUM, to the east by the district of Nkongsamba 1st and to the west by the town of MANJO. It is crossed from east to west by the national road n ° 5 which must be covered for 10 km from NKONGSAMBA to reach the commune of EBONE.

Ebonè, a favorable land to host your investment project!

Given the strengths of our town, we invite national and international investors to get involved in making better deals.

They settled in our Commune