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Cameroon: A contest to designate the cleanest city

11 July 2020 0

It was launched last week by Célestine Ketcha Courtes, Minister of Housing and Urban Development.

Cameroon is preparing to host large-scale continental events including Chan and CAN. For that, it is necessary that the country of Samuel Eto'o puts on better Habits in order to give assume its nickname of Africa in miniature. This Africa which wants to be clean when welcoming the different delegations who will stay there for these crucial meetings.

Célestine Ketcha Courtes the Minister of Housing and Urban Development who spent two days in the economic capital just to touch the finger at all the works for which his department is the owner was rather satisfied with the state of progress of these. She wanted to congratulate the various companies engaged on its sites which in a short time succeeded in giving a new face to the city of Douala.

Before leaving Douala, Ms. Ketcha took the opportunity to launch the contest for the cleanest city. Douala will thus be the pilot city for this competition which will bring together other cities such as Limbe, Nkongsamba and Yaoundé. To carry out the activities related to this competition, the Minister offered hygiene and sanitation equipment to all of the city's borough municipalities so that they can get involved for the best in this competition, which aims to to give the city of Douala a more shiny face. It is therefore satisfied that all of these mayors have received this endowment from the Minister.

Valentin Epoupa the Mayor of the town of Douala 3rd did not fail to display his satisfaction too "we are satisfied to receive the visit of a client who is concerned with the execution of his projects and we had before us, an informed mayor who has given advice to the new mayors that we are, so we must capitalize all the investments made in our respective town halls so as not to appear as vulgar beneficiaries.

We therefore undertake to launch in the next few days a campaign to liberate public rights-of-way as requested by the Minister. "



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